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Hi girls.

Welome to the fifth installment of the monthly Scrap By Color Challenge! If you haven't played with the Scrap By Color Tool, here's your opportunity!

Back in 2010 I was introduced to this tool through the monthly challenge in the Anything Goes Challenge forum. That month, we were required that we use Scrapbook Dot Com's Scrap By Color Tool to create four projects for the month. Those projects really pushed me creatively and I absolutely loved the end results. I put together color palettes that I would NEVER have come up with on my own, but they were spectacular! I got to thinking - how much fun would it be if there were a challenge that featured that tool each month? And I realized, that if it were to be, it would have to be up to me.

Here's the link to Scrap By Color
Scrap By Color

The way the tool works is this.

#1. (First Method) You load a photo into the program, and it returns back a set of color selections to you. You choose one of those colors to function as your base, then choose a color scheme to go with it.

OR #2 (Second Method) Alternately to loading a photo, you can simply force the base choice color by using the color wheel instead of loading a photo. You still use the choices on the right to create the color schemes with the base color you chose.

Either method is fine for the heart of this challenge.


Since there is already a Monthly Monochrome Challenge, we won't use that one here . What we WILL do is the other four - sort of like Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4. I've set up a different post for each color scheme.

The color schemes can be completed in any order, and you are not required to complete all four weeks. This is a challenge by choice - do one, two, three, or all four weeks. Do them in whatever order you want. And if you decide that you want to complete ALL the month's layouts in one week that is perfectly fine. Whatever works for you!

Be sure to LABEL your project with which color scheme you used when you post it to the forum so I'll know which week to post it to the front page.

You can use a different picture for each scheme.
Stacking with other challenges is permitted and encouraged. Make your project fit as many challenges as you can!

No sign-up required. Just jump in and have fun whenever you're ready!

I am not the comment police. I know we all get busy and get behind. But we all like to get comments on our projects, so do your best to give love when you get love.

Layouts must be new as of today and are DUE no later than midnight time November 30. No Voting in this one. It's all about flexing your scrapping muscle and adding to your technique arsenal.

READY? Then let's go! Have Fun!

Our players have SO much fun with this challenge, and their layouts are SO beautiful, that I'm using a few of them as our sample projects this month! Random Dot Org decides which layouts get featured as the samples for next month!

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