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We're still and sound. We just lose power on Monday afternoon 'till Tuesday evening and then yesterday for a couple of hours. The fence on both side of the house came down as well as a few branches but nothing serious.

The only bad thing was driving to work for two days in a road and just be sent home a couple of hours later due to no power or heat. Luckily my boss called me last night and told me that I didn't have to go today. People are being very generous everywhere. The gym that I go to is open to anyone with no power to go and use the showers and charge their electronics, my son's school is allowing people to go there to use the phones, internet, hot coffee and donuts and tonight they're having lasagna for everyone who needs a hot meal. I offered my apartment to my co-workers that are not so lucky with the power. It's small but whatever we can do to help.

We're New Yorkers and in situations like this, we stay strong. Now, the gas at the pump is another horror story. Miles and miles of cars waiting on line and when they get there, the gas stations are running out. It's crazy. What 'bout you ladies? Hope is everyone is safe!

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