Username Post: Looking for some scrappy friends in the Hudson Valley, NY
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Glad to hear you are ok without real damage. We made out fine, the storm was nothing like we expected. I didn't think the rain or wind we got was bad at all. 2 flickers of the lights n tv, but didn't even affect the clocks or VCR (Yes I still have a DVD/VCR, Juanie loves his Disney movies I get at yard sales for a song!).

I just can't believe the devastation in NYC and NJ...just unbelievable!! Wish I could help but by doing what, you know? I have reached out to the few people I know in Staten Island and NJ, but they are pretty much ok but for electric.

Anyway, I have some questions for you...I have been looking at a cricut, but after reading a bit on this site, I actually think now I want a silhouette, probably a cameo. Am I correct that you have one? I like the idea of no carts, as most of the cricut carts have stuff I just feel I would never use. I need something to cut titles, like words and phrases, and pretty die cut shapes. I have seen that I can download from the silhouette store, but do I have to wait to download until I buy a machine or can I start getting the freebie of the day ones now? or start purchasing them now? Have you had any problems with the machine, and how easy was it to master? Thanks!!

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