Username Post: Anyone tried the techniques in this book?
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I just picked up this book at my LSS and it is so cool! I can't wait to try some of the techniqes mentioned in it and was wondering if any of you had done any.....
They show paper quilting, bubble wrap painting, embossed metal chipboard (using tinfoil), sticker masking, dryer sheet art, candy wrapper decoupage....

The ones I want to try first are "faux letterpress", where you ink your embossing folder and then run it through the BigShot....
And "encased" where you use gel medium on 2 pieces of tissue paper, then stamp an image onto cs and cut it out, stick it to the tissue, add another tissue paper on top and more gel looks like the image is floating in the tissue paper!

Anyone have any examples of anything like these they want to show off?


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