Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Just checking in with all of my dear friends on this Fri night. : ) Since we are moving to a smaller home, We had to downsize our amount of stuff we are taking. IT is so funny because I was really worried about all these things I had collected & on display for years. I thought it would be so hard. IT was so very easy. lol While this stuff was pretty & cute, I found I did not love it anymore or I was over it. I had 6 showcases in my living room. Some had family stuff but most had stuff I collected for years. dolls, teddies, dishes, figurines etc.. I got rid of half my teddys & I still need to go through the other half. I was worried about Christmas stuff too. MY mom used to collect it & loved to decorate. I had boxes from my aunts & mom & ours. I am sure it was 25 boxes. I thought it would be hard. When I went through it, it was very easy to pick the items I wanted to take that meant the most of my mom 7 aunts. With our stuff, I now have 5 boxes. The truth is all this stuff has been overwhelming when decorating over the years. I still have to go through the other holiday boxes in the storage room. I did get rid of anything else that was in there.
Now I hope I can downsize my stamps. I have tons of drawers but they are 8x11 size.

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