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My Michaels used to have wonderful crops but one person really ruined it for everyone.

One of the younger women comes and brings her two nieces. They are teenagers and go to everyone, "Can I have scrap paper - do you have extra cardstock to give me - I need some patterned paper - have you got anymore of those I can have" and they take up so much of your time.

The aunt that brings them is as bad as they are. I had very expensive flowers I was working with the last time I went and she asked, "Have you got extra flowers like that? They would go perfect on my page" and then said to my friend, "Oh, I love that pack of embellies. Can I have the ones you aren't going to use?"

The nieces are bored after an hour and start whining. The 17 year old actually sat there and cried because she wanted to go home one month.

Then she complained that she had a toothache and started crying. Then the mother came in and the aunt told the mother to take the child to the dentist because the girl was crying for the past hour from the pain. The mother actually said, "I'm not taking her. The denist is 35 miles away - I'm not spending that much on gas." as she bought scrapbook supplies.

That mother and the aunt and those two teenagers have spoiled the crop for everyone - none of us goes anymore. I went once and I was the only one there because of those people.

Now I don't even know if they have the crops anymore becuase no one wanted to scrap with those people and that woman trying to bum everyone's stuff.

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