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for me, it's not free when they put a minimum ordering requirement.

So don't use it.

Without some kind of requirement, a bunch of people will order $3 items, with a net profit of $1.50, and it will cost $2.50 to ship it. Hm. That's an issue.

It's kind of like trying to order a Snickers bar off Amazon. One.

I don't.

Of course, I understand has to make money, but the minimum could be less than $50..... that's all I'm saying. would get more orders by lowering the minimum which would result in a higher profit.

So if they'd offer free shipping on $49, you'd be happy? Where does the greed stop? Once they lower it to 40, people will start saying what about 25? And then it'll turn into what abiut no minimum. It never ends.

Do you not realize that they not only eat shipping, but they do have to pay their awesome employees that wrap and package our pretties with care???

If you don't have $50 of stuff in your cart, keep browsing, you'll get there, and if you don't, I'm sure waiting til next months offer will give you plenty of time to need some new items.

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