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I am still on the fence doing both scrapbooking using traditional materials and creating pages digitally. And when I do either method it's not exclusive. I use digitally created elements on traditional paper pages. And I scan traditional materials and use them in digital pages. The lines are so blurred, I can't tell you what I am. But the end result is always printouts AND digital files. (I print out my digitally created pages and I scan my pages using traditional materials to have digital files.)

for me... personally...I got too overwhelm with all of my "tradional scrapbooking" stuff. There was a "line in the sand" when it all became too much. TOO many techniques. TOO many supplies (and expensive supplies). TOO many steps. It took TOO MUCH TIME to create a page.

I started doing more & more pages digitally because I could start AND finish a page in a couple hours. BUT... and it's a big but...I have a graphic background, A LOT of experience & training in Photoshop, web design, package design, printing, etc. and I consider myself computer savy. I can "whip out a page" digitally because of related computer graphic skills I already had that I could apply to digital scrapbooking. There is a "learning curve" to digital scrapbooking.

I don't think one method is better than the other BUT "my scrapbooking personally" also lends itself to digital scrapbooking. I tend to change my mind about scrapbooking decisions A LOT. Digital scrapbooking give me the freedom to change my mind multiple times quickly and virtually for free. I also am very picky about results. Digital scrapbooking makes this obsession easier.

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