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Ditto for most everything she said. Right now I do mostly paper just because it's relatively new to me. I was only going to do a book for a granddaughter's H.S. grad, but by the time I spent so much money on supplies, I figured I needed to keep using them and we all know supplies have a way of multiplying.

If I could re-do the past couple of years, I probably would never have started with paper and just stayed with digi. Much cheaper and it doesn't need a separate area/room. I still found it time-consuming, just because of changing my mind so much since it's so easy to manipulate things around on the computer. Even with paper, I often start by designing my LO on the computer and figuring out photo sizes, then print the photos at home.

I have FlipAlbum, which makes great e-books that anyone can flip through, just like a real album and I give people DVDs of FlipAlbums. But I also give DVDs of photos of the paper LOs I do also. I don't print out my digi pages, but I have made photo books on snapfish.

I'll admit, one of my biggest...and most expensive...regrets was getting into paper sb-ing. I enjoy it, but I really enjoy digi also. I actually get much more involved in it than I do paper/glue scrapping. And I never spill my digi glitter or have to worry about laying my hand in my still-wet stickles ~Judy

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