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Solitaire, you just may have helped me with my dilemma. There are a few paper pages I want to do, but I would definitely like to start making more cards and that way I could still get messy when I wanted and use my fun supplies, but I really like (maybe even prefer) digi for LOs. Once they're in a page protector it takes the pretty-factor away for me. By choice (not work related) I'm on the computer most days for all day unless I decide to paper scrap and I have to be pried away sometime after midnight. (I'm trying to basically go paperless so 46 married years to scan and organize into virtual files.)

Henri, for digi it's important to get familiar with one good graphics program. I use several, but one is the one I use most often for design work. I knew absolutely nothing, but just started playing around...just like learning new paper techniques, but with digi you don't waste good supplies for things that don't work out right.

Plus, there are lots of digi kits that all you really have to do is stick a picture into it. I buy some of the kits, but mostly to print out to use in paper sb'ing. I still like to design my own pages, but the kits look like a good way to get started in digi, plus if you like a digi paper, you can use it multiple times instead of trying to figure out where you got it to buy more

I still wish I'd never started paper, but I did and there's still that magical fun of finding a scrappy box sitting on the doorstep ~Judy

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