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I have used Artscow for years to print my books and have been pretty satisfied with the quality of their work. Their prices just cannot be beat. Recently, I ordered an 8 x 8 book that was just over 80 pages. After ordering it, I happened to be on their forums and was reading complaints on the color quality. People were saying the color in their books was off from what they were seeing on their computer. They were also saying that Artscow was using the excuse that everyone's computer monitors are different and they may not be seeing the true color. The problems I have with that are: 1.). I have a program on my computer that calibrates the color I see so that it is the true color, 2.) I used some of the same kits in my Artscow book in another book I did right before the Artscow book and I ordered that book from here in the U.S. due to needing it quickly. That book was quite a bit more costly but the colors in that book were spot on and 3.) if the colors I see on my monitor were off, I would think the entire Artscow book would have off colors and not just certain pages, as in my book.

I really love the Artscow prices and they used to do quality work. This latest experience though left a lot to he desired. My main and longterm project is quite large. I am scrapbooking for my 8 year old niece and 4 year old nephew until they are grown and then presenting them with their books as a gift. Just their first two years are 80 plus page books each so you can see I will be ordering quite a few large books for each of them before they are grown. I need someone who is reasonable in price but who also does quality work. So.....who do you use?



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