Username Post: Paper or digital?
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  • charK on 11-18-12 08:54 AM

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I went digi 5 years ago and will never go back!!! I was traditional for 10 years and had my own "room" full of everything possible to buy!! It was beautiful but I spent so much time looking for this and that, even though I was totlly organized.

I use is EASY...I also have photoshop elements, but could not get the hang of it. The program I use is now on sale for the latest version for only $24.00!! WAY cost friendly. Just go to memorymixer dot com and check it out. I do NOT work for them but have found this the easiest program to use. Check out my gallery it is all digi.

I print my LO's through Costco and they do an excellent job and are a good price. $2.99 for 12x12 and $1.49 for 8x8.

I can keep up with scrapbooking my grandgirls and family photos much better.

Feel free to msg. me with any questions.

YES I AM a digital PUSHER!! lol

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