Username Post: How do you print your photos?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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I use Walgreens but lately they are driving me crazy. You have to pull each picture up on the computer (I use the one in store) and line up where you want it which takes a lot of time which is okay.

I spent hour and hours in the store after our last trip and the computer crashed when they were printing them and we were on pins and needles to see if they could retrieve all the work I did. Fortunately they were able to save them but it took several days. And out of over 400 photos at least 35 or 40 did not print.

Then yesterday I sat for 2 hours preparing 110 pictures to be printed and their big photo printer crashed and they lost all my work. I got 40 of them before the printer crashed so I have about 70 pictures to go back and get ready to print.

If the machine breaks and they loose my photos again I have to find someone else to print for me.

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