Username Post: Electronic vs Manual Diecutting Machines
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  • olya on 11-24-12 09:40 PM

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I have a Cricut and a Cuttlebug. With the Cricut you can alter the size of your cuts and each cartridge has tons of images to cut, they can be expensive but I always try to buy them on sale. However I love my Cuttlebug and use it much more than the Cricut. It folds up, you can use it need to plug in, no sticky or no longer sticky mats to deal with or dull blades, I love to emboss with it and if you buy Spellbinders Nestabillities dies you get a variety of sizes to work with. Personally I feel my Cuttlebug is the best crafting tool I ever bought. Anyway I'm not sure if this is helpful to you but I really love my Cuttlebug.

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