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I hate when I am worried about stuff and cannt sleep. But I got my dd Cecilia calenar for christmas count down done. Just waiting for the stickles to dry on it now so she can take it home this afternoon.

No school for my son today. Did you know that his christmas vacation starts on the 19th of Dec and goes till the 9th of Jan??? I was SHOCKED!! We got 2 weeks (maybe) for christmas vacation and these kids get almost 3 weeks off. Thank goodness I do not have to babysit during that time but still.

OHHHH BTW ladies. The Portland Oregon CKC convention is going to be here during my birthday... whoooooooohoooooooooooooo .. If I can save enough money I can go. I went this year only cause my sister came down and watched the kids for me. I have been peeking at the classes and there are a few I would love to go to.

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