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  • Henri Jean Said:

I think they are going to get me a HP photo printer for Christmas. I have a nice laser printer but a photo printer would be nice.

Is the technology or are the inks with laserjet and photo printing different? I'm not really clear on that.

I'm getting one too!! Yay for us Henri!
We have a retired office laser printer, super cheap for black & white and color pages, but it doesn't do a good job on the color photos - not at all! Yes I did get a pack of laser photo paper (a rare rare thing by the way), but the colors still look flat.
The lasers seal the color with heat, that's the main difference. inkjets don't. So you can't use glossy photo paper made for inkjet in the laser, since it will not tolerate the heat, or so I understand))
I have my eye on the canon though..

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