Username Post: Card Donations Anyone?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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That is the best idea I've ever heard! The servicepeople overseas appreciate anything from home.

Side story - I met a woman on a military flight - they were a retired couple like us and she was talking telling us about her brand new grandaugther and how her daugter met her husband.

Ann Landers or Dear Abby - one of the sisters had a campaign to send cards to soldiers overseas and she didn't know that her daughter sent one. Nor did she know a pen pal friendship started.

When he was sent stateside her daughter and a friend went to meet him, without her mother knowning but it wasn't far. Her mother never would have let her drive 4 or 5 hours to meet some soldier she had been writing to.

Anyway, she said her daughter and the soldier she sent the card to had been married for 8 years now and had 2 children and now a brand new little one. Said they loved their son-in-law and were so glad their daughter sent that Christmas card.

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