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Good morning is ready and has been for awhile........big rain, wind going on, so I got up, made coffee, got back in bed and watched weather, news and part of a movie!!!!! Realized it was 8 am and got up. I never stay in bed this long until the past week or so. It's like I am very content to just sit in bed where its warm, cozy, watch tv/read and I am good. What is the matter with me??????? LOL

I think I do feel better today.......and I am going to try to take down my tree and get rid of all this Christmas stuff..........The sooner the better. That's another change for me, I usually don't take it down until after the New Year, but I was ready to take it down the day after Christms....just didn't feel good enough.

It's warm and humid......obviously it's raining...right???????? But its 72 out and only 8 am.......this is the kind of crazy weather we have in day its 50 and the next its 75......We had a freeze the other night all around us, not here, but now its warm again. The poor plants don't know what to do. LOL

Hope Chloe and Dori are better by today...children seem to recover so quickly......! I hope they do and are their usual wonderful fun selves by today.

Jo...and Tish......hope you are feeling ok. Tish now you are good fror almost a month right????? And Jo...what about you?????? I know you gals are sick of this chemo thing.......but if it makes you feel better in the long run, keep your eyes on the prize.

Kim, my dil is picking me up today at 12:30 to go to Verizon and get a new phone and plan, but I am seriously not really interested in their idea. They gave me a new Cell phone and are putting me on their plan, but it will cost me $40 a month which is better than the $60 I am paying...but after having time to think it over, I think I will forgo the entire idea as it's still Verizon and I cannot get calls in my house on the Verizon plan that I have.......not only that, but it just really is not what I want. I want to get a trac phone, for little money, as little as I use it, I don't need the I phone, then I have to buy the wireless router, etc....and it just sounds like more trouble than I need right now. I use my cell phone so little, why bother????? Yes If I had text capabilities it would be nice as I do miss a lot of stuff not having it. But Really????? Do I need this?????? Probably not! I will go see what the guy has to say, but I think I am going to bow out.; was very nice of them to do that for me, but I think its more money than I need to spend etc.

Anyway.....I will see how I feel after going out in the world....LOL I am hoping that I do really feel better and maybe today will be a good day for that!

Hi to everyone.......looks like snow most places.......and I am sure Tish has the most on the ground. Be glad you can stay inside with a fire and enjoy it from the windows....LOL

I still love snow...but only if I don't HAVE to get out in the rush hour to get to work in it. Being retired, and not having to go anywhere would be nice to have snow....LOL

Pouring rain here........dark and windy.....but supposed to move through that is a good thing...we need the rain.

Have heard nothing from the Staggs household, so I am hoping it was a good night for all. I really hope that Karen got to sleep a long long time.....she was beyond exhausted.

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