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Good morning. I felt groggy upon waking. I think the Advil pm does that to me. I had a hard time going to sleep.

Tish did you take your tynlol pm last night? I'm sure glad Allen didn't shovel. He could have a heart attack.

Ann-I want to say "MEN"....who made them the boss?
I completely understand you wanting a picture. Last night I realized that I don't have a photo of Casey, Sonny, Kian and Rayn together. I meant to ask them to pose.

Betsey I'm struggling with the phone upgrade too. I thought I wanted a smart phone, but maybe I should first try texting on my old phone. The kids want me to text. I need to go to Verizon and see what my options are.

I think Carole and I may be able to get together today. We haven't seen each other in two weeks, due to her being sick.

Last night my throat felt a little sore. Oh dear I have Granny's party next Sat. I can't decide if I should leave my Christmas stuff up or take it down. I like the stuff up and it hides the different colors on the wall. OMG why did I do that? Well I know why I thought we'd be painting and getting the carpet last Nov.

Teia I haven't tracked the package. I didn't write it down (like a dummy)when you posted it. I figured when it gets here, it gets here.

Tish I think Kari is due in Jan. Isn't that right Josie? Casey is in June.

Cheryl has to work today. She was concerned that they were to get more snow. I learned the hospital is 8 miles from her house. Safe travels to her.

We got a dusting to an inch last night.

Cathe at your age, i would be more enthused about the I phone...but at this point in my life......I am not sure I need or want all of those complications......while it would be fun.....I also requires going to classes, etc.......and for cryin' out loud....its a phone. I don't little as I use the darn thing........however, my grandkids and Karen really want me to be able to just seems like a big expense to be able to text when I can call, they can call, we have FB etc. However, now that all of them are on these phones, they never go on FB anymore either....sigh! I don't think I want to be obligated to Jeff and Kim to make sure I get the $40 there on time for them to pay the bill. Sounds like a great deal of hastle to me. I pay all my bills on this would mean I would have to see them, send a check to them or give them cash.......I think my idea of a trac phone for $25 a month that I can do on line is the best thing for me. I am not that crazy about Verizon to begin with. I have never been able to get calls on my cell phone inside this what's the point??????? also invloves me getting wireless set up, which I don't have, and I also found out that the printer they bought me requires wiresless also........sigh. Why do I need this????? Its another thing to buy and another thing to install and learn about.........I am just not that techie .......I love my computer, but don't need to access stuff when I am not home. I think its all great...but why do I need this??????? Someone needs to explain this all to me better than they have so far. It seems like a lot of $$$$$$ for something I will rarely use. What do you think?????? I need a younger persons input on this I think. LOL

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