Username Post: Scrapping w/out photos
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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I was going to mention that Aqua Bunny does some beautiful layouts with no photos but she jumped in here with examples.

If you go into sbartist's gallery - she has some awesome examples.

Another thought - I often find things online. For some of the concerts you might find a poster online for the concert or a photo of the band that you like.

When I scrapped the Gary Sinise Band I did have photos that I took but in addition I got pictures of him in his role has Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump and included those on the layout.

I did a whole scrapbook on the stars on Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame when I was there a few years ago - took pictures of the stars on the sidewalk for celebrities I thought were cool - the researched them on the internet and pulled photos of them from the internet to put with their star.

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