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I have lots of cute diecuts and papers with ice cream cones so when we have the opportunitiy to get an ice cream, even if I don't really want it, we get one so I can use my cute scrappie stuff.

When we go to Hawaii in a couple months we always go to the Dole planatation to see one of Bill's customers. I have to get a Dole Whip becuase i have a Dole WHip embellie I want to use.

There are actually places I want to visit becuase I have such awesome papers to go with that place and embellies and things.

I want to go to DisneyWorld so I can use all the Disney scrap stuff I couldn't resist buying and I want to use them.

I think the winner though - I saw an adorable diecut that said, "Skydiving". The woman asked me when I bought it if I was a skydiver. I told her I had never tried it but now I would have to try it - as I had the embellie for the page.

And lets not forget about all the scuba diving stuff I bought several years ago becuase it was cute. Now I have to learn to scuba dive so I can use it. We are moving in that direction - husband surprised me with a tank last summer so he can teach me in the pool. My son wants to learn to but he has to wait until after his surgery and gets clearance from the doctor.

Then we will all go to Key West on a dive. I have the cutest embellie that says, "Diving in Key West" with the scuba diving flag on it. Gotta use that embellie!

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