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Yeah I have facebook have some family memebers on there. I decided to make a album of the old family photos. I know the family would enjoy since most are single copies. I had them all mostly scaned already. So, I uploaded them to my album I made in my personal facebook and link it to where only family could see the album. My aunt email me the next day saying it was cool to see the old photos of the family. Photos she never seen before I told her to just download copies she doesn't have and enjoy them. I won't throw away any photos of mines. I told my family if you don't want any photos. Especially of the family give them to me I will scan them and then put them in scrapbook albums. So people in our family can view them and see the information.

My sister would do the samething with my brother wedding photos to his ex wife if she got her hands on them. Everyone told me don't show the photo you did of your brother and his ex wife. Because she would probably say rib it up, lol. I did a picture family book like a family tree book with just a photo of each family memeber with information on the side like birth and death divorce etc. My sister hates my brother ex wife if she saw any photos with her in it. She tears it up and throws in the trash. My aunt even gives my dad and uncle's ex wives the cold shoulder treatment at times too. You stick by family then the in laws that for sure.


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