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Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

The wonderful feature at the bottom of the page, a bit below where you write replies and send them that says, "Add to Favorites" and lets you save your favorite topics?

I am on 3 challenges and sometimes I go through page after page and then more pages to find all 3 of them. Just saved them to favorites.

Then my two Critique Groups - in favorites.

Had to add Pay-Day Friday, the one thread I really try hard to keep up with.

Then I created a shortcut from the beginning screen of favorites and named it "scrap faves" and when I click on it, I just see those 6 threads or topics.

Next to that is my desktop shortcut for if I have time to go through everything and next to that - the shortcut for my gallery.

Never occured to me to make a separate favorites file for the topics I check periodically throughout the day. And to include my 3 challenges I check throughout the day!

Thanks - this really makes it convenient to check the boards! When I have more time I can check the entire boards but when I'm in a hurry I don't have to look for anything!

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