Username Post: Do you have a crafting role model? If so, who and why?
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I may be showing my age but so what! I have the biggest Respect and admire the crafting style of Carol Duvall. She used to have a TV crafting program for years, watched her with my Mom when I has in high school. She always did many crafts on her show scrapping, sewing, beading, painting, clay, soooo many different things and I LOVED that show but she has been out of the TV for a number of years now. I even got to meet her in Redmond, WA when she was doing a demo there. very Sweet lady with a mind full of recycling crafts and many others. I do have her recorded on VHS that I watch sometimes as I sew or scrap. I for sure consider her a role model as well as an extremely informative person on many craft subjects.

Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carol Duval. I used to watch the re-runs on DIY and she was amazing!!!!

Me, too!! I wish some channel would pick up her shows so I could watch them now!

My first role models were my mom and grandma. They could make ANYTHING out of nothing! One time I was spending the day with my grandma and she wanted to go to town, but the clothes I was wearing were dirty from playing outside, so I watched her take a piece of fabric, lay it on the floor and she took her scissors and started cutting, then took it to her machine and sewed a few seams and I had a brand new dress in less than 15 minutes! No pattern or pins involved, just fabric, scissor and a treadle sewing machine.

One year my mom and my grandma made the five of us (my sibs and I) all Halloween costumes out of paper feed sacks. I dont' remember what all the costumers were, but I know one was an owl and one was a sea monster from a cartoon. A couple of them won their classes' costume contest that was held at our school each year.

My mom loved any and all kinds of crafting. She would have dearly loved scrapbooking.

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