Username Post: looking for a new trimmer
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  • GMFTS on 01-15-13 10:00 AM

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  • KimKV Said:
I have always used Fiskars. From the very first just a blade to the most recent.

I just purchased this one

Fiskars - 12 inch Portable Rotary Paper Trimmer - Blade Style F

For the first time ever this one did have a problem. I could not get it to cut straight. I called them and a replacement was on it's way in no time. It works fine. Though I still use the old one when I need a very thin cut, just seems to work a bit better.

So this is my preferred cutter.

Glad to see that you had a problem with straight cutting... I thought it was me for a while but no matter how careful I am it does not cut straight.
Guess I need to call.

I like the Fiskars cutters but the blades get dull far too quickly.

I have the big MM one too and am in agreement with the pros and cons OP listed.

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