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Jo, so glad to hear from you. My neighbor had something like you temp. but laryngitis and coughing. She's a nurse, and like my daughter, does not go to the doctor unless at death's door so I think she's just waiting til it runs its course. This is her second week and her voice in back but the coughing is still with her.

Cathe, I am in awe of you and others who do their own painting. I have never tackled that for anything as large as a wall, etc.

The freezing rain has stopped and it is 35 degrees so some of the ice is beginning to melt. I am waiting for another call from my cousin to let me know what time she will be here.


Ann.,,,,,I did not grow up with parents who did that kind of work either.....neither of them painted, gardened, or any of that stuff. If they needed something done they hired someone to do it. I, on the other hand, was married at 19, my husband was still in college, we lived in married housing, which was built after WWII for the GI's married it was rough! I had no idea how to do any of that, but many of us would get together and paint, wallpaper, sew, or whatever to help each other. Anyway...that's how it started....and from then on, I always did it myself, just did not want to spend the money to hire someone to do what I could do, and kind of liked doing. I loved the feeling after it was all done and I did it myself. Anyway.....I was never married to any man who was very handy around the house.....they could fix cars and lawnmowers etc.....but not carpentry or little by little I just learned either by trial and error, or having someone show me how to do something. Needless to say I have had several disasters over the years, but nothing that could not be fixed with more paint, sand paper or fabric. And now with all the DIY stuff on's wonderful. I could not believe they devoted a whole entire channel to Home and Garden stuff! I love it! I think it was just last year that I helped Karen paint her bathroom......and we all painted the outside of my house, using three different colors......and it turned out great. Even let the youngest granddaughters paint....they had a blast.....!

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