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    In response to Tishd

hello gang.

Jo-glad you checked in. Sure hope the z pack helps this time. There is something to be said for having a Dr. for a long time. I don't look forward to the day mine retires. Anyway, stay in bed and rest up.

Ann-hope the cousin got there without any trouble on the roads.

Tish- I was wrong, the ceiling paint goes on pink and turns white. i didn't get it though. I called Doug about it and he said he never used it. It only came in a white white and I wanted a slightly off white.

Di- Tom Selleck---still hunky. I do like George too. I loved him in One Fine Day. I don't think that movie rated well at the time, but I liked it.

Char I don't know what I am thinking painting in the winter. I've NEVER painted in the winter. Since I taught and had most of the summer off, I always painted something in the summer. It is too cold to open windows and doors. What am I thinking?

Did the prepwork today so I guess I'll start painting the ceiling tomorrow. I don't like painting ceilings.

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