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This is to make you guys feel happy Not poor Linda. I had a fabulous Epson printer. I always printed stuff for my pages & cards. I loved doing it. I also printed anything else I wanted. for the house & kids. Our income dropped to a 3rd. I was still able to use it but only for the stuff I wanted for cards & pages. Then Dave was injured. Our income dropped again & he was in college so I did not use it anymore he needed it for school. The refills were 50 bucks. I was not upset at all because I had a hoarder size stash & I did not need to use the printer.
During this time the air conditioner for the addition to the house broke. (where my scraproom was)way too expensive to fix or buy a new one.
You will not believe this but since the room was hot all the time some brands of my paper & stickers turned a dark weird color. K & Co was one of them which was one of my huge hoards. I had so much of their beautiful lilac papers & stickers which I adored. I have photo of my mom standing in front of a lilac bush when she was 13. I was in tears about this paper cause I was going to use it. The end of this story is Dave bought me a new printer 6 months ago. YEAH The refills are by color & you can print if one is empty. The refill are 10 to 12 bucks. YEAH
The best part is since I have been on Pinterest, I noticed vintage & antique images again. I have been searching tons of sites. OMG I found lilacs on antique postcards & other images. THEY ARE GLORIOUS!! They will be perfect for my moms lilac page. ALL OF THE VINTAGE IMAGES OUT THERE ARE GLORIOUS! I love the site Graphic Fairy. OMG I love her. They are free!!! I adore all of the images out there to use on my pages & I love them more than my K & Co stuff now. lots of you use digital stamps too & I couldn't because of my printer. NOW I CAN!!

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