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Good news, Linda, on being able to use digital art. It's so fun to make your own and even bling it up a bit. This way you can make it any size you want it, or even play with the colors if you have a graphics program you like using.

I love lilacs. Here in So. Cal people think we have lilacs...but they're not :>) They're actually mountain lilacs and nothing like the good old-fashioned lilacs that my grandmas called French Lilacs. Those have a smell to die for!

A funny story...when I was a teen, we had several beautiful "real" lilac bushes in the yard. A gorgeous purple one would get covered with blooms, so of course that's where Mom took my Easter picture one year. Me, in my pretty soft blue (almost lilac-colored) dress standing in front of this beautiful blooming lilac tree. It's a great picture. Too bad everyday film back then was in black and white I could have stood in front of any bush and gotten the same picture

Have fun playing with your color!~Judy

Thanks Judy,I did not even think about blinging them up yet. lol Thanks for the suggestion.
Of course my moms is black & white too.
Since you are an amazing graphic artist.....I know you can take yours & colorize it yourself. LOL

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