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Hi all,

I used to be a hardcore scrapbooker. I bought all the materials and supplies, joined tons of crops (most of them online), and set to work feverishly on baby books for both my son and my daughter. I was in love with this hobby... and for years devoted all my free time to it.

Then... I started noticing that I was still signing up for all these crops... but most of my scrapbooking efforts went to making things for crops... and nothing for myself and my pages. I was signing up for things like Pet Crops even though I have no animals! I worked hard on all my layouts and paper pieces. The stuff I got from these crops, while some were amazing, the majority was shoddily thrown together, smelly and sloppy. I couldn't use them. Then people started fighting and bickering on the crop groups... and I lost my taste for them.

Then, I found out that I was pregnant with my third child. My husband was deployed overseas for most of my pregnancy and for the birth of our son. I was tired a lot. I was still feeling overwhelmed from all the crops and scrapbooking I did previously... that looking at my stash made me groan and feel frustrated.

A few days ago...we were looking at my oldest child's baby scrapbook. She loved all the layouts, photos, journaling, etc. She was squealing. My littlest guy, four-years-old now, asked where his book was.


I want to get back to scrapbooking again. I want to feel love for it again. I'm still overwhelmed with it though... and not sure how to start. When I think of all the photos I have to do... *shudder*

How can I get my mojo back?

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