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I second looking through the gallery for inspiration. For me it helps to look at work of artists whose style is similar to mine - so at least I feel comfortable diving back in. Sure I enjoy looking at layouts filled with embellishments, beautiful layerings, and using the latest techniques but I think it's too complicated for me and would overwhelm me for sure.

You are definitely not alone - having more than one kid is HARD work and tiring. With my first, I'd scrap for 2-3 hours every night after he's gone to bed (of course it helped that he's a great sleeper). I have about 15 albums of my first child, then my second one came along almost 6 years later. She's now 9 months old and I think I have a total of 10 layouts of her, so not even enough to fill one album. I don't have nearly the time or energy now with two (so I can't even imagine how you balance with three). So now I try to pick a couple nights a week and pick only the most important pictures to scrap. Maybe when the kids are older, I can play catch up.

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