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Hi all,

I used to be a hardcore scrapbooker. I bought all the materials and supplies, joined tons of crops (most of them online), and set to work feverishly on baby books for both my son and my daughter. I was in love with this hobby... and for years devoted all my free time to it.

Then... I started noticing that I was still signing up for all these crops... but most of my scrapbooking efforts went to making things for crops... and nothing for myself and my pages. I was signing up for things like Pet Crops even though I have no animals! I worked hard on all my layouts and paper pieces. The stuff I got from these crops, while some were amazing, the majority was shoddily thrown together, smelly and sloppy. I couldn't use them. Then people started fighting and bickering on the crop groups... and I lost my taste for them.

Then, I found out that I was pregnant with my third child. My husband was deployed overseas for most of my pregnancy and for the birth of our son. I was tired a lot. I was still feeling overwhelmed from all the crops and scrapbooking I did previously... that looking at my stash made me groan and feel frustrated.

A few days ago...we were looking at my oldest child's baby scrapbook. She loved all the layouts, photos, journaling, etc. She was squealing. My littlest guy, four-years-old now, asked where his book was.


I want to get back to scrapbooking again. I want to feel love for it again. I'm still overwhelmed with it though... and not sure how to start. When I think of all the photos I have to do... *shudder*

How can I get my mojo back?

My advice is to not think of all the photos you *have* to do. You don't *have* to do them all. Pick out your favorites and scrap them. Do the ones you want to do, not the ones you feel obligated to do. Who cares if photos aren't scrapped in order or kept up-to-date? You are sure to have fun if are choosing your favorites.

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