Username Post: Help Me Get My Groove Back!
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So my take-away from your original post is that you want to be excited about scrapping again, and do books and pages your kids will love, right? So THATS the type of scrapping you start with!! Get the kids punching paper scraps with you, choosing photos, remembering the stories to journal...and get back to what your original mission was, to remember those amazing days when they were little. My son is 4, and we sometimes scrap together, his pages are all orange paper and full of trains and cars, but they are his! And he scribbles the journaling in his own writing! Forget those old crops and classes, find a new group to crop with, or, as some have suggested, join a virtual crop here! But the main thing I think is to scrap what and who you love, and the smiles will be worth it!

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