Username Post: Moved. Trying to plan room.
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Hey guys!
So, we moved into a new house last month. We love it! The biggest bonus to me is the extra bedroom. Hello scrapbooking room! How nice is my hubby to let me have it all to myself? lol.

Anyways. I'm having a really hard time planning it. Since i have a proper space now, I can set up something permament, and really get it the way I want it. I guess I'm scared to buy things and have it not work out the greatest.

My room is about 10 ft by 11 feet. It has a window at about 5 feet on one wall, a light at about 6 feet on the other wall, and the third wall has sort of a devider sectioning it into 3 ft sections. Sort of makes it hard to decide what to put where. Ack.

I love it but I just can't wrap my mind around how to plan it or what I'll need.

Features I want to include:
-desk space for computer, printer and cricut.
-table space for main project area.
-some sort of virtical storage for paper
- and the hardest part is how to store everything else. Drawers? Cube storage? Shelves with baskets?! How do you decide?

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