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I used to have hanging files when I scrapped in a craft closet I had converted. A friend made me a cabinet w 1 drawer for 12x12 and 1 for reg folders.
I now have a craft room. I bought a kitchen cabinet from a home improvement store. I have my printer on the pull out drawer inside the cabinet. I got cabinets from Ikea. I bought stock countertops and put a board along the wall for support. So I now have countertops,along 2 walls. I put shelves on one wall all the way up. For the paper, I got Kaisercraft beyond the page mdf storage units. 2 of them, painted them white, turned them on their side and put them on one of the shelves right above my work area. I like the Kaisercraft better because the dividers are smaller, making it hold more paper. It holds all my cardstock. Patterned paper are in a vertical paper holder on a shelf or in seperate files in a basket on floor.
The file drawer was fine and worked good, but didn't hold enough. I would have to pull the file out to figure out what I wanted to use then squeeze the folder back. Just got tired of that.
I like what I have because the cardstock is right there above my head. I need to take pics and post them. I've been cleaning in there this weekend, so maybe when I get done cleaning.
Good luck,with planning your room. To me that's the fun part. But then I'm kind of an organizational freak.

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