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Betsey; thanks for the diet coke. I'm out of it here. And, I looked at the layouts for the challenge on pg. 1 and they all are truly monochromatic ones to my eyes. do you see one that is not?

I'm sad about Karen and David's situation. They may look into declaring bankruptcy or something like that so as to save their home.

Josie; woohoo: new baby today and sorry about your dad's medical situation. I hope he doesn't have cancer.

I just finished the book 'The Last Letter from Your Lover' by Jojo Moyes, last night. Really enjoyed it. I'm going to the library today as have two books waiting for me that have been on hold for weeks.

Well, more putting away today and making a trip to the GW with, now, four big boxes. As soon as it is not freezing in our garage I'm going to get started out there. I'll need to dress for the artic probably as it's cold out there.

Cheryl; enjoy your days off.


Thanks for the advice, however, these days, bankruptcy does not save your home. Here,due to the ridiculous housing market.......they are also upside down now in their house. Our houses are not even worth $30k and both of us have mortgages double that. I paid more than that for my fact more than double that....and put money into it with the new kitchen, roof, windows and A/C. They are in pretty much the same predicament. This is why I am working at my age, and this is why they will not be able to save their house. When you owe more than the house is worth, the only thing to do, is walk away and live with the foreclosure.....or continue to pay until you either die or the housing market picks up. Not very upbeat things right???? There are thousands of people in Florida facing this same problem The interesting thing is, that my mortgage payments are less than anything I could rent. So even if I just walked away........I could not myself. The rents here are astronomical for this part of Florida. My house, I could rent to someone for $800-900, My question is, why would anyone pay that to live here>>>?????? The only thing going for me is that the new big hospital addition is complete three blocks away, so who knows???? My son says they will be hiring lots of new nurses and techs and they like to live near the cannot see it from my house, but its an easy walk.

Personally, I figure I will die before I have to worry about it all, unless of course I cannot continue to work. LOL I will deal with all of that when it happens.......nothing is like it is supposed to be anymore.....! I should be living here, comfortable in my old age, feeding my cats and knitting.

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