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Before I forget again......Thanks to those of you who sent cards to my sil David. He was quite touched Karen said and it made him feel really good. They arrived on different days so, that was good......another thing...all were handmade and he truly appreciates that.....his Mom was an Art Teacher for years, so he does have an appreication for handmade artsy type things, even though he is not crazy about my scrapbooks. He is the one that just wants photos in a book with names and dates.......LOL "Not all that fancy frilly stuff all around them....." he he he he!!!!

Betsey, I know you are right, and Allen is right. I need to get out more. I need to get fresh air in my lungs. Sometimes I know I nap because I am depressed and as strange as it sounds, I like to shut the world out for awhile!

My sil, Jeanne, just called and we talked for quite awhile. She dated Allen's brother in high school and was also one of my attendants at our wedding! Jeanne was a year behind me in school. There is no reason why I couldn't drive to Belfast and meet her for lunch at least once a month. My friend, Punkey and friend, Judy, wanted to get together at the diner this coming Wednesday but I am scheduled for lab and chemo so we will try for Friday. So many opportunities for me to get together with friends and what do I do, hole up in the house like a hermit!

I finished my book! Will not say anything about it because I believe Char is reading the book now. Char if you read this, I will be interested in your thoughts about the book when you are done!

I am glad David was happy with the cards. It has to be so hard on him to be in pain, and not able to move about freely!

Tish, I downloaded that book on my Nook yesterday along with an abridged version of Les Miserables. I started Les Misrables first but I may stop it as it is very long and read the one you were reading while I am with Lara at chemo tomorrow.

My personal opinion of the book without telling any spoilers......a good book but I did lot like the ending at all.....So when anyone else finished the book from beginning to end, I am curious as to your thoughts.

How long does Lara's chemo usually last? My first day of the cycle is always the longest. By the time we get there, check in, have lab work, nurse assessment and doctor visit and then pre-meds before the infusions...It will be about 6 hours there, then we have to factor in drive time there and back...Long day!

Can't wait to see you challenge entry!

We were there from 9:30 until about 1:00...much shorter than with the previous medicines. We can always add another 1.5 hours of driving time each way. She had 50mg of Benadryl by IV at the very beginning and that made her very tired/sleepy but she can't sleep in the treatment room because of all the activity and IV pumps beeping, etc.

Audie is making beef stew for dinner so Lara nor I has to cook tonight.

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