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Oh Di........I didn't mean that I saw anyones with other colors.....I was really just wondering!!!! It never even occured to me when I used that flower......I had another one that was just solid orange with the darker orange behind, but I opted for the pretty little one and did not even consider that it had blue/lavendar in it. How funny!!! I was just wondering for no real reason if mine was the only one so far with a little wrong color.........he he he he he!!!!!

I have scrapped this afternoon.......after the grocery store trip. I also went to the hardware store....yes the real ACE hardware. Sometimes I just can't face going to Lowes or Home Depot. I needed a replacement bulb for my under cabinet light, and a battery for my garage door opener, and one for Karen's. Both are different of course.....I love going to ACE hardware.....they are so nice, ready and willing to took me less than 10 minutes from start tto finish. They are a bit more expensive, but then they are also right on the way to the grocery. So I am saving gas.

I made Quesadilla's for dinner.......very good.....just hit the spot. Now for a shower......! Did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night.. It's on at 9p.m. est......and apparently they always show the previous episode before the new was very good....there are several plots all going on at the same time.....I am loving this. Hope someone is watching......!

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