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Good news from here. Dad does NOT have cancer! The doc said his platelet count is really okay, not low. The reason it was showing low is because his blood is clumping and the machine wasn't counting the platelets correctly. When the doc did it through the microscope...they are fine! That was wonderful news. 1:02 this afternoon, by c-section, Griffyn Gerytt was born weighing 8 pounds. He is 20 1/2 inches long. His middle name is pronounced (Garrett) but my dd and sil have a thing for weird spellings! Lol. What can I say!! Kari wanted a letter Y in both his first and middle names because Greyden's is that way. Kari is not getting along so well tonight. Pain is pretty intense and she is allergic to the pain killer they gave her. I hope she can get some sleep tonight.

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