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I'm still putting that binder together, lol. The book itself is a 12x12 sized photo album that a SIL bought me at a yardsale. The pages inside it are divided, and my full paper sheets wouldn't fit inside. So I use the 12x12 divided sheets to hold things that are no larger than 4x6. So, works well for scraps, tags, frames, stencils, etc. My borders are in an 8.5x11 sheet protector, as are my full sheets, and anything else that is over 4x6 size. I'm currently sorting paper scraps, stencils, etc. to put in the 12x12 "organizer" sheets as I call them. I suppose I could photograph what I've already got done and give people an idea of what I did. I'll probably do that after I get my chili cooking this evening.

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