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Week 4 Sketch:

MSC Week 4 Sketch By MelissaW

Twist: Like cupid, sport an arrow or two to bring out the love on your page!

Sample: waves crashing By MelissaW

1. Feeding the Reindeer By Tracy F

2. REV WAR CAMP 04 2 By PaulaJen

3. Disney parade sketch challenge #4 By Mwendt7

4. New Friends By LesleyC

5. Dance Party By FinallyMama

6. Dancin' in the Moonlight By Dancinirish90

7. Dancin' in the Moonlight By Dancinirish90

8. San Juan By Senora_x

9. Be Our Guest By Scrapperbee

10. Family Time 1992 By Charcats7


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