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Welcome to the February BUDGET Challenge!
We're here to stay within limits on our scrappy spending!!! (Or try to...) We have plenty of enabling going on

We take turns hosting (whomever has time that particular month) as it gets a bit chaotic sometimes! We are a chatty bunch of savers and enablers!

The rules: List your scrappy budget for the whole month of January that you would like to spend on supplies. Then, list the high priority items that you want to buy this month!

Tell us how much you spend throughout the month, and keep track of it as you spend. We like details about your shopping around here. No such thing as TMI! You do not have to include costs for adhesives, swaps, gifts or shipping. Please round to the nearest dollar value

Please enable and tempt us to buy the wonderful items we want....but don't tempt us to bust our budget!!!

I have removed a twist as a requirement but you can still indicate one if you so choose.

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