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Posting of layouts begins February 1, 2013!!

No need to sign up. Just post your layout when complete. Layouts must be new as of February 1st. And don't forget to public embed so I can post them here!!

Last month we went with a hexagon theme and this month in honor of Valentine's Day we are going with a heart theme!

Layouts need to be posted by the last day of the month, February 28th.

Please post your layouts with both pages together in one photo, this will make it easier to get the full effect of the pages.

***~Public Embed and Upload to Challenge~***

1. Once your LO is uploaded to the gallery Go to your gallery and click on it. Next click "EDIT IMAGE"
2. Under small pick of LO check box for "Allow PUBLIC EMBEDDING"
3. Click "SUBMIT

NEXT, to Upload to the Challenge Thread...
1. Go to box that says "Share"
2. Click the 'Share Anywhere' option
3. A Box will open up with a small pic of your LO. Where it says 'Embed This Image' select "IMG CODE" above the image.
4. RIGHT CLICK and COPY the code it gives you. (you can also change the size of the image if you desire.)
5. Go to Challenge
6. Go to any Reply Box and RIGHT CLICK and then PASTE the code.

January Winner:

Having a Ball By Dancinirish90


Here is the link for those that like to print them out: 1...


1. Chili Eatin" Fun By Briannasmom

2. Max By Senora_x

3. Good times-the coolest By Tinadn

4. Graduation Day By Jcbreck

5. In Line (For the rides) By AngieO

6. Merry Christmas By Scrapperbee

7. I Love You Mama By FinallyMama

8. First Wave By LesleyC

9. Cassie I love you By Dancinirish90

10. Mom to Be By Marcilb

11. My Family By Beck_bear

12. It must be Halloween By OlesyaK.

13. Why I love you By Fabricfrenzy

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