Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Good Friday evening dear friends, I am feeling fabulous!! Cropping always makes me feel better. My bff called & said she was too sick to attend so I went alone. I has such a blast. I stayed for 7 hours. lol I hadn't been able to crop for months. The new owner is fabulous. I really enjoyed her & the store.
I did not crop at all. I did shop * walk around & talk to people. I am going to work on the xmas pages I started tonight.
I have to tell you what I bought.
I got the cute pink WRMK piercing mat & the new pink brad setter. I got 50 sheets of clearance paper that was 20c each. I got some cute Audrey papers by my little shoe box that have pretty girl silhouettes. .
My fav stuff I got was some papers from October afternoon called cakewalk. IT is birthday stuff that looks vintage. It is so adorable. :)I have 2 or 3 pics from a birthday party when I was a kid. MY friends & I are sitting at the party table.
I knew it was for me when I saw one of the papers has images from a child book. One of them says I am Mother. I made a pretty cake. It is for Linda.
the other side say This is Judy. She has a cake. That is my moms name. I think it looks 60s era. all the papers were so cute. I can't work on it yet. I need to look for the pics. I need to make sure there are not any more.
I am going to work on the xmas page right now.
Here is a few sheets of that paper.

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