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I can't spell her name. It begins with Q and I think she is 9. They say she was outstanding and a natural in her role. She likes puppy dog purses.

I like Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, I think Sally Field should have worn a softer color.

The stars always have to say who they are wearing I guess because the clothes and jewelry are borrowed from the famous designers.

I know why they do's just not something that's really attractive.......and only in the past few years do they say...."who are you wearing"???????? I think that is just stupid......I liked it better when they asked, and who is your designer, or what designer are you wearing..........and yes I know it is picky its just something that I find annoying.

BY the way....I also love the two guys that Char was talking about.....he is very very funny.....and a charming person .......he has been on many different shows and I like him and his partner alot.

Michael Douglas did not look as bad as I expected.......he has been so very ill for so long....but he seems to be doing OK now. I remember when he was a little boy came to the oscars with his Mom and Dad one of the movies Kirk was in, can't remember the name of it now.....ohhhhhh I hate it when I can't remember....Spartacus.....I think...wasn't that in the 50's??????

Anyway........I do love Michael Douglas, Sally Field, but I also really like Ann Hathaway.....and Helen Hunt is starting to look a bit old.....don't you think?????? I love her though......I have always liked her and glad she is doing well.

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