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Hi everyone! Welcome to the third month of the Four Categories Challenge! This challenge is about using our 'stuff' and, maybe, trying something new.

The goal is to complete up to four different LO's, each one fulfilling a different category - a product, a color, a technique, and a theme. You may enter one LO for each category, but you may not use the same LO to fulfill more than one of these categories. You do not have to do all four. You may, of course, stack other challenges with any of the LO's you enter here. Only LO's created and uploaded between March 1 and midnight PST March 31, 2013 will qualify.

At the end of the month, I will ask you to vote for your top 3 favorites from each category. You will receive a vote for each of your LO's just for voting, and any twists that are completed will get an extra vote. Those who complete all four LO's will receive an additional vote for each of their LO's. I will create a poll with the top vote-getters from each category so we can choose an overall winner to whom I will send a small RAK.

Please, read the specs for each challenge carefully! Sometimes, LO's take on a life of their own and go in a different direction than was intended at the start – that's creativity, and that's great – feel free to share those LO's here, BUT only LO's that fit the specific parameters of each category will be eligible for voting! I don't like being the bad guy and telling someone that a LO doesn't fit the challenge, but I have to keep it fair and make sure all the LO's are starting on equal footing. Please, try not to put me in that position - only submit LO's that follow the rules. If you have a question, ask!

Category One ~ Product: Alphas
Alphabets – we all have a ton of them, right? Use letters from at least 2 different packs on a LO this month.
Twist: Use letters in an unusual way, i.e. not in a word.

Category Two ~ Color: Gold
You thought I was going to say 'Green' didn't you? No, this month, we're looking for that pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow. I'll leave the interpretation of 'gold' up to you – yellow gold, old gold, metallic gold – you pick. Your LO should be predominately gold – no specific amount, but it should say 'gold' to you when you look at it.
Twist: Use something metal on your page.

Category Three ~ Technique: Handmade Flowers
Die cut layers, punched layers, folded, lollipop, ribbon, fabric, etc. – You can use your favorite technique or find a tutorial and try something new, but you must have a handmade (by you) flower on your page.
Twist: While you're at it, make a few. Use 2 or more handmade flowers on your LO. They can be the same or different styles.

Category Four ~ Theme: Luck
Do a LO that has something to do with Luck.
Twist: A shamrock or four-leaf clover, that pot of gold, a horseshoe, a leprechaun, a rabbit's foot, etc. – include some kind of lucky symbol somewhere on your page.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The fine print:
1. Any size LO 8x8 or larger is allowed, including 2-pagers. Please post your 2-page LO's with one photo of both pages together. I will allow digi, but please realize some of the challenges will not apply to digi (especially in the technique category). If you can convince me that your digi LO fulfills the challenge, I will allow it. Keep in mind that the RAK will be for paper scrapping.

2. Please allow public embedding on your pages. Also, please specify the category in which you are entering your LO in your post and in your description. If applicable, please explain how your LO fits the challenge, and if you did the twist and where/how. Don't make me hunt for it. If I can't see it, and you didn't tell me about it, you won't get credit for it.

3. If you get love, leave love. I will not be a psycho about this, just do the best you can. However, if I notice that someone habitually neglects commenting on the other players' entry LO's, that person will be disqualified from winning the RAK. No one is going to be excluded from the voting or poll and the chance to win the challenge. I'm just reserving the right to NOT spend my own time and money on buying and shipping a RAK to a person who doesn't participate. It's only if I never or only rarely see the winner's posts on other LO's in the gallery or the winner is someone who doesn't check in here in the forum a few times a month that I will check into it further and decide for myself if I want to make the effort to send something out. Please, don't stress about it!

4. Please, only share LO's that fit one or more of the categories. Commenting on shared LO's is up to each individual player.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Sue (jazzescrapper)
2. Julie (julie101)
3. Rebecca (BoBecca77) 1*,2,3*,4*
4. Carol (NMscrapper) 1*,2*,3*,4*
5. Melody (FinallyMama) 1*,2*,3*,4*
6. Pat (GentlewoodFarms) 1,3*
7. Linda (lindaj3) 1*,2*,3*
8. Olesya (OlesyaK.) 1,2*,3*,4*
9. Rabbit51-Beth 1,2*,3*,4*
10. Mandi (Briannasmom) 2,3*,4
11. Becky (beck bear) 1*,2,3*,4*
12. Doreen (Doreena) 1*,2*
13. Mia (Mia1979) 1,2,3*,4
14. Kena (Bubblegirl) 1,3*
15. Corky (under5feet) 1*,2,4*
16. Tracy (Tracy F) 1,2*,3*,4*
17. Shatema (babigirl) 1
18. Laura (lcmemories) 1,3*,4*
19. Ana (Scrappin baby)
20. Paula (Faithscrapper) 1
21. Bev (scrapperbee) 1,2
22. Jen (Jen E) 2*,3*
23. Tena (Tena E.) 1,2*,3*,4*
24. Denay (denayc) 1*,2*,3*
25. Lesley (LesleyC) 1*
26. Sandra (sasload4)
27. Pam (Pam in TX)
28. Becky (AuntJo) 1,2*,3*,4*
29. Erin (silver26AK) 2,4*
30. Sara (SaraS) 1*,4
31. Pamela (pamela.tx) 2*,3*,4*
32. Deepa (rahulsmom) 1,2,3*,4*
33. Pam (fabricfrenzy) 1,2*,3*,4*
34. Marci (Marcilb) 1,2,4
35. Amy (AllAmy) 1,3
36. Mary (GMFTS) 1,3*,4*
37. Erin (Erin Reed - Ekr1432) 1,2
38. Carolyn (Vincarash) 1,3*
39. Charity (Miss CA) 1,3

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