Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Ugghhhh...I had my post all ready to go and hit the back button by mistake and lost it. I do that so'd think I'd learn

Anyway, great news on your Lego paper, Bunny. I know how frustrating it is to know exactly what you want to do and not be able to find the products you want to use. Have fun on your LO once your receive your order.

Linda—Hope you and your husband get feeling better fast! It seems like you've been sick/feeling poorly/tired a lot for quite some time. Hopefully spring will come soon and maybe it will rejuvenate you, giving you good health and lots of energy. (If you get lots and lots of energy, could you send me the surplus?)

Shopping is at least on the way to a successful recovery Hope you got some fun goodies~Judy

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