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    In response to Tishd

Good Morning Ladies!!!

Cheryl, many prayers and hugs being sent your way.

Betsey, I would love to see that show!! West End Salvage?? Is that the name?? Man, I can't seem to hold onto nothing I read lately... I love that kind of fun, picking salvaging, repurposing...I cringe though when I see something repurposed...changed completely when in my opinion would of been far better off left alone...but that is the beast of the animal I suppose...or my lack of imagination!

Tishy, there was something you asked me...and I need to go back and re-read....I can't think of what it was... I know I haven't answered yet, and did have something to say... OIY!!!

Slept in and managed "the other hour" because we didn't SPRING forward lastnight! Oh well, I'll loose it sometime today!!!

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