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Good Morning!
bright and sunny here too Tishy!! LOVE IT!! Haven't seen the sun in soo very long!! makes me want to goout and take pics....we will see, still have the stiff neck. Have been taking hot showers and warm compresses on it. It is getting up in the morning where it is the worst, because I'm sure my pillow needs replacing!!! Hopefully as the day goes will ease up. For some reason this is the time of year when my neck acts up...have had many of these before and usually takes 3 to 4 days to work out...

Well back to the nice weather...definately going to take a walk over by the river to see the ice formations...always beautiful!! It is sooo bright out! Not use to this LOL! feel like I've become part mole!

Plenty to do... both need to do and want to do... I'll check back later...

Jojo did you get out to take pictures today? I should be outside walking around and letting some of the vitamin D fall on my face! I have been doing laundry and changed the bed. Allen is taking a nap. HEY, isn't napping my "thing"????? not his?

There it is....Yes, Tishy, I did, I took Wild Bill's side-by-side up into the campground and took pictures of all the buildings and campsites fearing this is the last of the SNOW, therefore any snowy scened pics... Nothing thrilling, more just "to have"...documents...I do plan on venturing out across the get pics of the ice and snow covered river...have some clouds floating about...hope they "blow over"...

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