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Good Morning!! Busy day at work. The girls that work in MotorClothes are a training in Pittsburgh today and tomorrow. The service guys wants to leave now for a few hours. UGH!!! So I have to do my job, MotorClothes and Service. The owner said I wouldn't have to stay til 8 tonight to do the deposit so I'm hoping that still is correct. I have to go home and pack up for my crop weekend. I wanted to leave early tomorrow to go to the crop but now I can't since they are at training tomorrow too. So I'll be about 2 hours late for the crop but at least I'm off Saturday.

My car is ready and I have to go return the rental and get my car before 5 so they have to let me leave sometime today for about an hour. I had planned on not leaving for lunch today but now I have to leave.

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